Our great ventures

Have a look at some of our clients jobs and case studies. We will work towards implementing this approach by building up your existing projects or setting up new network accounts.


H.O.G.® Kuala Lumpur Chapter Malaysia is a Harley-Davidson® motor group sponsored by an authorized Sponsoring Dealer; Harley-Davidson® of Kuala Lumpur. The Group was established to offer motorcycling benefits and services to Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts.

HRDF Events

A Conferences & Events Mobile applications that allow the Human Resources Development Funds to create, modify and interact with the members, trainer provider and speakers.

eAduan Sepang

A mobile application provided by the Sepang Municipal Council (MPSEPANG).

INGRAM Gateway

A Travel Mobile applications that ease participants from the same travel group to communicate and share among them.


Created to ease Asset Management and Support / Preventive Maintenance services processes.

Pasar Tani

Pasar Tani app is created to help direct services, by providing competent and able market information, thereby linking the other operations into an integrated service with targeted outcomes.

UNISEL Helpdesk

UNISEL Helpdesk mobile application was created to assist UNISEL students/staff regarding technical issues in UNISEL that they encounter in their daily lives.

Digital Document Management System (DDMS)

The DDMS 2.0 is a software solution that aims to store, track, and index all the electronic and paper records and store them electronically in the form of records.

Vape Empire UK

As an aficionado in vape industry, Vape Empire specialized in fulfilling your vape aspirations by providing state of the art Mods, E-liquids, Atomizers and accessories with a priority of customer satisfaction in their minds through a portal.

Shirt Printing Co

Shirt Printing Co is a free website for everyone to design their own dream T-shirt.

Soong Yuan Carrier & Towing Services

Towing Services website to fulfill customer’s needs and assist in daily car maintenance issues.


OGprotect is designed and implemented arising from the collaboration between MOGSC and Sterling Insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd. The portal is managed by Sterling Insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd.

VNG Distribution

An E-Commerce platform for vape customers to purchase vape products by VNG Distribution.